231. How To Find Life-Long Mentors + Build A Strong Company Culture with Tiff’s Treats Founders – Tiffany Taylor and Leon Chen


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It’s so easy to bury yourself in self-doubt, especially if what you’re aiming for is truly unique. The lack of a predetermined path forward sometimes means you need to clear one of your own.

That’s exactly what Tiffany Taylor and Leon Chen, from Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery, have done – launching and scaling the first-of-its-kind, on-demand delivery bakery that’s grown steadily and thoughtfully since first landing on the early internet in 1999. They keep it simple and sweet, and have earned a loyal fanbase by focusing on what’s really important: customer experience.

They join the show today to talk about the inspiration for their company values, the importance of data and technology in their growth, how they went about raising money and why their failures were some of their greatest lessons along the way.


  • How a college side hustle turned into a $500 million dollar business!
  • The real, behind-the-scenes of getting funding in your business.
  • How to find great mentors + when you should NOT listen to their advice.



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