#20: The Power of Pivoting: How to Embrace Change and Create a Life You Love - Monica Ortega


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Transformational Leadership Associates: An Ontological Consulting Firm

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Eric sits down with Monica Ortega, who is the author of the book The Power of Pivoting (available on Amazon). Monica has quite the incredible journey. Check out her incredible website/YouTube travel show, Monica Goes. Also, don't forget to check out Monica on Instagram!

Show Notes

[00:50] About Monica

[1:30] Writing her book

[2:30] Being empowered around divorce

[4:06] Disempowering belief systems around relationships

[7:02] Disempowering contexts from childhood

[8:13] The experience of being a woman

[9:03] Transitioning from High School to College

[10:12] Empowering contexts for mental health conversations

[14:21] Monica's mental health toolkit

[15:17] The 97% rule

[16:31] Glorifying illness

[17:48] First principles thinking and getting to the heart of the matter/source

[19:58] Charlie Munger on the field of psychology

[20:29] Both ontology and psychology are best applied onto other things

[21:15] The original intention of psychology

[23:04] Talk therapy standards are low

[23:43] The future of therapy

[29:13] Transformation through facing fears

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