01 - What is the Evolution Podcast and WHY Should You Tune In


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Evolution Podcast is finally here!
We’re excited to be part of this digital growth and I am thrilled and excited to be joining with Mr. Terrance X Johnson and Ethan Heisey in sharing knowledge and how spirituality plays an important role in our lives.
We come together to fulfill our desire to help more people by sharing our thoughts, life experiences, and values so that we can all see the possibilities and start seeing people manifesting their goals in life.

Plus! What we want is to truly make an impact on everyone's life, the young, the old, and everyone in between to show them that you deserve to be successful, that you will be successful! This knowledge should be consumed by the masses.

Ethan and I have our weekly sessions with Mr. J, as a mentor. BUT that's not enough for the world, right? We don't want to keep it all up for ourselves.

Mr. Terrance X Johnson who also believe that, at this stage in life, it's all about giving back. He is mentor and the founder of TCJ AeroTech, the first African-American drone technology company based in the US, Mr. J aims to help various people, businesses and endeavors prosper by applying the use of drones to our everyday lives. The company strives hard to ideally provide the world with various innovations around drone technology in fields such as personal and commercial transportation, aerial surveillance, construction, and many more.

Together with Ethan Heisey who is running a financial firm and another business called exponential freedom where it's a group of entrepreneurs who come to listen to various successful entrepreneurs, speak about how they became successful too.

These days, there were a lot of issues and challenges we're facing as a society, as a civilization.
Life can possibly be easier and lighter when us here can just bring up and spread good vibes, a good energy, a great deal of knowledge and practical wisdom that will give you tangible results, not pine and sky, but things that you can literally do and truly will help you in your life.

Obviously, I'm just very passionate about saying that people can win and become successful and I am telling them the truth.

Being persistent, determined and confident with all of these things really do matter. They're just not empty words. So, I would hope that people would listen to because maybe God or higher consciousness for so many people subscribed to so many different belief systems would guide them if you will, if it would be beneficial to them.

We want it to spread it through as many entrepreneurs as possible, as many people in the world as possible. Mr. J here has such an amazing message out and that’s the kind of our purpose to share with everyone. Because I know we're going to wrap this up here, but we're super excited about this podcast that we have.

"Regardless of what you see in the world. And a lot of it can look terrible. Remember at all times to never really ever alone that your mind is the gateway."
- Terrance X Johnson

Please help us get started. Please tap your peers on the shoulder and encourage them to listen and share. This Evolution Podcast channel will include content that you won’t be able to access anywhere else, more in-depth and definitely a promise of all possibilities. We don’t want anyone missing out on any big announcements or updates we share through this new channel.

Stay updated and check Evolution Podcast , share and rate us wherever you listen. And check out more content from us soon! Peace!


Where to find Mr. J (Terrance X Johnson)
- Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/terrance-johnson-271812149/
-TXJohnson: The Man You Need To Meet: https://txjohnson.com/

Where to find Ethan Heisey
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ethan.heisey
- Exponential Freedom: https://www.exponentialfreedom.net/

Where to find Sagi Shrieber
- Sagi Shrieber: https://sagishrieber.com/
- Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sagishrieber/
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sagishrieber/
- Spotify: http://sagishrieber.com/spotify​​
- on iTunes: http://sagishrieber.com/itunes​​
- Stitcher: http://sagishrieber.com/stitcher​​
Check out the Commit First Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/commit.first​​
If you want to stay up to date with my posts and values, follow my Instagram account too: https://www.instagram.com​​/sagishrieber

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