19 - Manifestation and Success: LIVE recording of the Evolution podcast part 1/2


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Hey everybody - today's show is SUPER special, and we definitely recommend to even WATCH it and not only listen to it (did you know we have a youtube channel as well?), just because - in this episode WE ARE ALL TOGETHER!
A few weeks ago Sagi flew out to meet Mr. J and Ethan in person in Atlanta!
We met at Gus Wilde's studio in Atlanta and recorded two episodes for you - this being the first.
In this episode we talk about manifestation and other good stuff.
Finally - we'll just want to say thank you! Thank you for being here as our core audience of this podcast. We know we're doing something big here but we can't definitely do it without you! Thank you for rating us on Apple, Spotify, sharing this with others, and just tuning in every week! This means the world to us!
Enjoy this episode guys!

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