Shed limiting beliefs and embrace your authenticity, with Ewelina Szczeblewska


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Our behaviours and expectations we place upon ourselves are often learned from society, our care givers, educators and early childhood experiences. In this episode, I’m joined by Ewelina Szczeblewska and we have a great discussion, both of us drawing on our own personal journey’s, about societal expectations and limiting beliefs, how they hinder us and how we can embrace a more authentic self and find true happiness.

Ewelina Szczeblewska is a Certified Hypnotist & coach. She works with high achieving anxious, self-doubting overthinkers. They are very good at overworking and overcommitting. However, they can't seem to fix some of their problems. She helps them find the root cause of their problems, find solutions & shift their perspectives so that they can step up in all aspects of their lives and business with self-trust, courage & unstoppable confidence.

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