Getting Clear on Your Strategy for 2023


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Today is the last episode of 2022. It’s the perfect time to talk about creating a simple plan and strategy for business growth and success in the upcoming year.

The only strategies that work consistently for most people are the simple ones. I’m including myself in the “most people” group. Today, I would like to share with you a simple way to create your own strategy for the New Year.

Instead of waking up on January 15th and wondering what you can do “today” to grow your business, you’ll already have a plan in place. You’ll know exactly what should and shouldn’t be doing.

You’ll be doing the work that builds on the work you’ve done the first few weeks of the year. During February, you’ll be adding to the work you completed during January (and so on and so on).

If you’re ready to turn the corner, I’m going to help get started in today’s episode.

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