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Today on The Natural Birth Podcast we have Shiva

Shiva is a mama of two originally from Turkey, now living in Denver, Colorado.

Besides being a mama, she’s also a psychotherapist and yoga teacher.

Today we are going to talk about her two natural births.

Her first was at a birth centre, and even though it looked from the outside as a natural and normal birth, in the wake of that birth, Shiva found herself feeling like she had failed.

She hadn’t felt in her power and only felt her pains and how her past traumas seemed to impact her in her birthing.

When finding our she was pregnant again she went on a healing journey, trying to understand and face her traumas that had impacted her during her first birth.

She went on having her second baby born partially en caul in the water, in her home.

It was the birth that she had wished, hoped and prayed for but didn’t know how she could achieve.

Today we will dive deeply into both births and the rite of passage and healing journey that she has been on.

Curious about Shiva? Find her on instagram as @shivajenkins

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