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Many women desire to reconnect with their body and natural instincts through natural birth. Unfortunately, the American culture (and most mainstream cultures) do not teach young women about any natural ways to care for their bodies and, in fact, teach that the body and childbirth cannot be trusted. In this podcast by Rachel Mans, Doula and The NaturalBirth Site, we explore all aspects of natural, physiological birth, as well as natural pregnancy and early postpartum. Our topics are inspired by a range of evidence, the wisdom of our ancestors, and traditional cultures. Many topics will help you to trust your body, your baby, and all of the wise women who birthed before you. We will talk with midwives, doulas, chiropractors, herbalists, and anyone else involved in birth work. The goal is to help you become educated and trust the birthing process so you can have the most empowering, beautiful birth possible!

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