Episode 50: Sympathy for Robert the Devil


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Meet a medieval man of wealth and taste! FOR OUR EPIC 50TH Episode!

This week those Silly History Boys bring you the story of the darkest of Dark Knights, Robert the Devil!

When couple of dark age Normans ask the actual devil for help with a son...its goes exactly as you might expect!

Except it doesn't actually!

Can Sir Robert the Devil redeem himself? Honour his Knightly vow? Rescue his parents? AND save Rome from an army of suspiciously Scouse Saracens?

Listen and find out, we promise 'a HELL' of a ride!

Big thanks to Brian Bolger. Brian we can't find your website!

Zap Splat for all our Zaps and Splats sourced for free!

and Danny Bradley of Daniel Bradley Music for his hellishly good tracks!

And to you dear listener for being with us for FIFTY of these silly things!

Check us out on @sillyhistoryboys show or drop us a line on sillyhistoryboys@gamil.com

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