Navigating potent energies and quantum healing with Chloe Anderson


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Welcome to This Sacred Life. Today I’m speaking with Quantum Educator, Chloe Anderson about the potent energies swirling around right now and how we can work with them while uncovering limiting beliefs.

Chloe is a bright light on the planet. Healing, returning one and all to whole health, is part of Chloe’s soul’s divine purpose. She is here to aid mankind with a profound shift in consciousness, leading others to their own calling to realize their soul-centered joy.

Points Covered

The potent energies swirling around right now.

Chloe shares more about Sidereal Astrology and Ophucious

Chloe’s channeled message for the collective

Learn a simple practice to rebalance your nervous system after a challenging two years of fight or flight stress.

Goddess Artemis - The Guardian

What Chloe’s soul wants us to know?

Curious about the difference between Sidereal Astrology and Tropical Astrology? Learn more about Chloe and get free therapy tools and supportive resources at

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