Adapting & Reinventing Through a Pandemic with Jennifer Shinkai


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This week on the podcast I am catching up with Jennifer Shinkai, ikigai researcher, facilitator and coach, author, and host of her own podcast; Ikigai with Jennifer Shinkai. Jennifer was last on the podcast in 2019 before the pandemic, and since then has experienced a lot of transformation in her working life. Join us as we catch up on everything Jennifer has been up to since the last time we chatted.

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How being approached to write a book about ikigai led Jennifer to start her own podcast
  • How COVID changed Jennifer’s working life and how she used that experience to build community online with Make March Matter
  • How Jennifer has incorporated more creativity into her life through revisiting her own art practice
  • About Jennifer publishing her children’s books ‘Can Giraffes Swim?’ & ‘Gus’
  • What ‘conscious incompetence’ is and how it can be a good thing

About Jennifer:

British born, Oxford educated, Tokyo based Ikigai and Inclusion facilitator and coach, Jennifer Shinkai is the host of Ikigai with Jennifer Shinkai Podcast and YouTube, the founder of Make March Matter: Free Online Community for Business Owners and the writer and illustrator of “Can Giraffes Swim?” She loves leading a rich and varied life and wants more people to find more ways to experience Ikigai regardless of where they live or how they spend their days.

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