Episode 16 - Hammer & Sickle in the State of Kerala


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Kerala has always been a unique state of India with one of the unique landscape and cultures. But, it s also a state which has a communist government in a democratic country. Therefore, it becomes important for us to understand as to what events led to a first communist government in India in the state of Kerala and how the CPI(M) has been able to remain relevant in the Keralite society. To throw a light on this, we have with us Shri. Ananth Krishna, who is a lawyer, author and a political commentator. He has been a part of prestigious podcast channels like Vaad & Bharatvaarta Podcast where he has spoken on Indian laws and Kerala politics.

In this episode, we discuss the following points on the subject.

1. Origins of Communist movement in Kerala.

2. Workings of CPI(M) as a first communist government in Kerala.

3. How CPI(M) understood the Keralite Society.

4. Caste factor in Kerala Politics.

5. Workings of Pinarayi Vijayan government.

6. Factor of Islamic radicalism & Communist response in Kerala.

7. Future of Keralite Politics.

You can follow Shri. Ananth on Twitter - @Ananth_krishna_ . You can visit his substack too https://chhit.substack.com/ to read his views on the politics and law.

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