How to Build Muscle: The Truth About Hypertrophy (feat. Ash)


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On this episode of BPR, Ash and I sit down to discuss hypertrophy.

Hypertrophy is the #gainz! It's the growth, size, and mass that so many of you fitness fanatics are pursuing.

Hypertrophy is the process of "building" muscle.

Unfortunately, there is A LOT of misinformation across the industry as it relates to hypertrophy. So, we want to sift through the bullshit for you and let you know exactly what the current research and evidence suggests.

This $hit ain't bro-science; it's REAL science.

Before you dive into the episode, be sure to grab pen and paper or open the notes tab on your phone because you're not going to want to miss any of the nuggets that we're throwing down today!

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