Warning About New Year's Resolutions


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On this episode of BPR, D outlines why you need to beware of New Year's Resolutions and what you can do to better set yourself up for success moving into 2022.

As a reminder, the next round of our group coaching course, EVOLVE begins on Monday, January 3rd.

If you...

  • Struggle to find the time to eat well and exercise because your relationships, career, and hobbies take precedence
  • Not willing to rearrange your entire life and schedule for the sake of fitness and nutrition
  • Tried a few (if not several) fad diets, six-week challenges, and 30-day shreds, but nothing seems to stick
  • Have a basic understanding of what to do, but you need guidance and accountability
  • Want to have more energy and look better naked

EVOLVE is the program that will change your life.


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