Nestor Perez Braves Manager Augusta Green Jackets, former Cuban player.


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Nestor Perez Jr left Cuba at 20 years old after playing the Liga Nacional top league in Cuba as a Shortstop. His dad Nestor Perez Sr Dodgers European Scout coached him since he was a kid and a legend in baseball. Signed with Tampa and then gets into coaching with the Braves, works his way up and now a manager in their system.

This episode covers various topics and very educational.

  • Nestor’s trip to the USA from Cuba.
  • Adversity he dealt with, how?
  • His dad’s influence.
  • Cuban baseball and why they are so good.
  • Top player in Cuba.
  • Life in Cuba.
  • Being released by Tampa Bay.
  • How he got into professional coaching.
  • Braves hired him as a coach, transition into coaching.
  • Getting a managing job.
  • Toughest thing about managing.
  • Get into infield play, Nestor was a top SS and can really teach infield.
  • Throwing from different angels, when you start teaching kids and why.
  • Fielding, most important areas, you will be surprised.
  • How the hands work, give or go out and get the ball.
  • As he works for the Braves then he returns to Tenerife Spain his home to run great baseball camps and hosts teams from all over Europe on their beautiful AstroTurf field by the ocean.
  • Started first ever WBSC/Europe European Winter League, best 18 u players from Europe. I had the pleasure of coaching and managing a team. What a great event run extremely well.
  • So much more to this episode.

Nestor Perez Alonso (born November 24, 1976) is a Cuban former professional baseball shortstop and the current manager of the Augusta GreenJackets, the Low-A East affiliate of the Atlanta Braves.[1]

Perez began his career in the Serie Nacional de Béisbol before defecting to the United States.[2] He signed with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays organization in 1998, playing with the team’s minor league system until 2005. During the 2005 season, he had a brief stint with the Colorado Rockies Double-A affiliate before returning to Tampa Bay to finish both the season and his Minor League Baseball (MiLB) career.[3]

After leaving Minor League Baseball, Perez played in the División de Honor de Béisbol, the highest level of baseball in Spain. He also played for the Spain national baseball team in the 2003 European Baseball Championship, 2005 European Baseball Championship, 2005 Baseball World Cup, 2007 European Baseball Championship, 2007 Baseball World Cup, 2008 European Cup, 2009 European Cup and 2013 World Baseball Classic.[4]

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