S3 Ep9: Abortion and Reproductive Justice Across State Lines


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Dr. Mai Fleming has a breadth of experience working in primary care settings and providing reproductive health services across the gender spectrum. Her work includes telemedicine abortion services via Hey Jane. As a family doctor, she helps people consider reproductive health and family planning within the broader context of their lives. In taking an expansive view of what reproductive care encompasses—including fertility counseling, abortion, and gender-affirming hormone therapy—Dr. Fleming works to help her patients meet their goals.

In this episode, Dr. Fleming sits down with host Tammy to discuss what she sees as providers’ role in supporting patients, now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned. They review the multitude of situations in which a pregnancy is not optimal and how abortion stigma is one of the biggest barriers to medically safe abortion. At the core of her work, Dr. Fleming seeks to ensure her patients are empowered and find joy in their own reproductive health decisions.

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