Big Picture Thinker: Horse Plus Humane Society


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Bridget and Sydney connect with Tawnee Preisner of Horse Plus Humane Society. In this eye-opening episode, Tawnee shares with listeners little know facts about horse populations in the US, and how Horse Plus Humane Society is making a difference.
Topics Include:

  • How Tawnee's love for horses and rescue was nurtured from an early age
  • Big picture thinking as a rescue
  • Committing to the main thing in animal welfare–compassion
  • A dirty little secret–US export of horses for meat consumption
  • The special relationship horses share with humans
  • The process of adopting a horse
  • Simplifying the adoption process as a rescue
  • Compassion fatigue
  • Key points for running a successful rescue–social media and fundraising
  • Building a base of donors who understand they are the backbone of an organization
  • Tips for engaging your followers
  • And other topics...


Resources Mentioned:
Horse Plus Humane Society
Horse Rescue Heros TV Show
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