RN to CEO with Jason Penberthy


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You often hear me talking about how your nursing career is a license to create a career on your terms. Our guest for this episode, Jason Penberthy is an example of whats possible, he started working as an RN. Fast forward to today, he is a successful General Manager, CEO, and Director of Nursing within the New South Wales private healthcare sector.

In this episode, we’ll learn about Jason’s journey from his experience as an RN, taking on various roles to build up his skills to prepare him to become a senior executive.

Jason shares his tips and advice for moving up the ladder. We’ll see the importance of maintaining a grounded connection between executives and RNs that can bolster communication and transparency.

If you have your sights on becoming a nursing executive, from RN to CEO, then this episode is perfect for you!

Key Takeaways:

00:45 - Introducing Jason Penberthy

02:30 - The journey from RN to GM and CEO

03:00 - Bullying in the workplace

9:08 - Developing your management style

10:10 - Graduate program misconceptions

18:30 - Connections between executives and RNs

23:55 - Tips and advice for moving up the ladder

26:20 - Setting up RNs for success

30:28 - Impact of COVID on healthcare culture

36:15 - Non-clinical challenges nurses face

40:45 - Performance Management as a CEO

47:15 - How to build a leadership career?

51:55 - Importance of consistency

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