Achieving Is Believing


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Today I'm here to talk about my father, and how he was determined to live, and live very fully. My father's name is Jean, and he'll be 80 years old this year.
Why am I talking about my father? Well, he's taught me a lot about determination and hope.
Between the age of 47 and 51 he had four heart attacks. This left him with one functional chamber in his heart, and a doctor told him that he had about 3-5 years left if he took things easy.
My father made the decision that he didn't want to die sitting down in a chair. He kept on living like he always did, and the rest is history. Now, 29 years later, he's still going strong.
He's still working out on a treadmill, a stair-stepper, he does sit ups, push ups, as well as taking a long walk every day.
Without saying anything, he sets a sterling example of what you can do with heart, determination and drive.

You can do so much more than you believe, you just have to trust yourself to do it!

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