Home Staging Is a Key to Selling in Idaho Falls


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Last month, we talked about the importance of getting the outside of your home ready for sale and making sure your “curb appeal” is all squared away. You don’t want to over promise or under-deliver. So if the outside of your home looks great, you’ve got to have the inside to match. Here are some tips to help get your home staged and ready for home buyers to see:
The first thing to do is declutter. Make sure your furnishings are accenting the house, not dominating it. Take down personal photos as well, because while you want the home to look lived in, you don't want the buyer to feel like they are in someone else's home.
You want to make sure your carpets are all squared away. Clean them, stretch them, even replace them if you have to. Paint is another important aspect of your home, and one of the highest returns on investment when it comes to remodeling. If your home needs a fresh coat, go for it. You will get your money back from that investment.
There is a lot to learn about getting your home ready. If you are considering selling, give us a call or send us an email and we would be happy to help provide you with even more useful advice. We look forward to hearing from you!

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