Exploring the wines of french alps with author Wink Lorch


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In this episode, we talked to Wink Lorch, Author of Wine of The French Alps.
Vineyards in the French alps' region have been around since roman's time. Those vineyards are situated in eastern France, precisely in the Northwester part of the Alp. In this episode, we pay particular attention to the wines Savoie and touch upon the sparkling wines and discussed the many projects that are happening in the region.
Up until a decade ago, most of the wines were sold in the local ski resorts and the wines destined to those outlets were of little interest. But thanks to a group of maverick producers that focused on the production of quality wines, things are changing.
Interesting are the many local grape varieties of which there are more than 30 and are unique to the region. With many sub-appellations which makes it very interesting to look at. It is not every day that a ‘New’ French region escalates to global market interested.
With Wink we talked in detail about the great culture of sparkling wines in the region and things have changed since the approval of the Crémant de Savoie.
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