The Rosé wine revolution a look into it with author Elizabeth Gabay MW


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Over the past 15 years rosé wines have seen unprecedent success and they are now consumed year-round, not just in summer.
You can find rosé wines from any major wine region, with producers looking to get into this growing market.
Elizabeth Gabay MW, undoubtedly one of the leading global rosé experts and author of ‘Rosé, Understanding the pink wine revolution’, joins me today on Looking Into Wine.
In this episode we explore; how producers are taking into consideration vineyard position and soils to consciously produce rosé wines, how some producers have created new ways to make rosé and the reasons why producers are replicating the Provençal techniques in their own regions using their local grapes. Elizabeth inspires us with her story on tasting older rosés and invites us to explore different styles, as you would with a red or a white, and explains how a different vocabulary is needed for aged rosé.
This episode is suitable for anyone who has some knowledge of rosé wine production techniques, an interest in the development of the rosé category and wine enthusiasts in general.
‘Rosé, Understanding the pink wine revolution’ is a thought-provoking read that encourages rosé wine to be a approached afresh. This wonderful book will be soon available on the Wine Bookshop at
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Rose: Understanding the Pink Wine Revolution
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