Right and wrong 是与非


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Right and Wrong

More often than not, when disputing on"rights and wrongs", we actually have been far removed from thethings in themselves, and fallen into a confused fighting of inner afflictions.As everyone has their own perspectives, the "fact" you see is notnecessarily the same as that your counterpart sees. If either side insist onthe counterpart accepting his own opinion, a dispute will arise. This is theroot of causing conflicts. What reallymakes us happy is not in "a statement" or "a lot of materialguarantee", which is merely an inherent thought of attachment. Conversely,all sufferings derive from the inner attachment, just as a verse says,"All sufferings arise from greed for one's own happiness." We have no dispute with others in that weknow fame and fortune are not perpetuate with a lot of negative effects.Sometimes we do seek them but stop half-way for the lack of strength in holdingon, especially after seeing those we consider inferior get fame and fortune, wetend to be indignant and arouse the doubt of our own actions. This illustratesthat we are not clearly aware of why we have "no dispute", and stillfind it good to obtain fame and fortune. Therefore, the priority is to locatethe clear aim of practice.







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