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I am pleased to finally be able to share this much anticipated episode! This week my guest is Yulia Rose. Rose, is a sacred sexuality coach. In this capacity she primarily helps women to face their inner demons as it pertains to any sexual trauma that might be keeping them from experiencing their sex life to the fullest capacity.

In this episode Rose shared how she found herself in this important life's work and how being raised in a conservative religion impacted her as she found her calling working in the field of intimacy and wellness.

You can find Yulia Rose on her Instagram page at: @iamyuliarose and there you can click the link in her bio to find out all the other ways to connect with her and her content!

I am most honored to have Yulia Rose as a guest on this weeks episode of Womanhood Decoded! Rose was such a pleasure to speak with! This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

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