#1 Heart Disease - 6 Surprising Reasons Why You Are Not Performing Well


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There are some shocking reasons why someone might have erectile dysfunction. While the main reason for erectile dysfunction is insufficient blood flow to the penis, other things happening in the body can affect how your blood flows and how your muscles respond to stimuli. Over the next few episodes, we’ll be reviewing each reason and finding ways to combat them so you can reclaim your sex life. I’ll give you a hint for today: have you checked your cholesterol levels recently?

If you’re curious about what might be going on under the surface, here is the first surprising reason why you are not performing well!

[00:01 - 02:59] It All Comes Down to Blood Flow

• There are 30 million men with ED in the US alone.

• The most common reason is lack of blood flow to the penis.

• I break down the process the body has to go through to get and maintain an erection.

[03:00 - 06:59] Surprising Reason #1 Why You Are Not Performing Well

• I look at the effects of high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

• Conditions like diabetes that affect the blood can also affect your erection.

• I explain the concept of a “penis attack.”

• The link between heart disease and ED.

• I talk about weight and BMI.

• A quick word from our sponsor

[07:00 - 11:51] You Have the Power to Reverse This

• How to take a self-audit of your health.

• Your sleep has a bigger effect on you than you think.

• The negative impacts of medications.

• Treat ED like a heart problem.

• Diet and exercise will go a long way.


“When you have ED, it’s a ‘penis attack’ because you’re not getting enough blood flow in there.” - Dr. Anne Truong

"If you have ED, don’t go on the internet and order Viagra… Take a couple of steps back and review." - Dr. Anne Truong

“ED does not have to be a long-term problem.” - Dr. Anne Truong

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