Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Why We Aren't Seeing The Progress That's Needed. A Chat With Dr. Carey Yazeed


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Dr. Carey Yazeed is a bestselling author of Shut'em Down: Black Women, Racism, and Corporate America and Everyday Struggle: How Toxic Workspaces Impact Black Women. She is also the founder of iThink Change, a company that helps executives to become comfortable having uncomfortable conversations about diverse issues through focus groups, workshops and trainings. She specializes in women diversity, gender bias and equity for women workers. CORE Magazine listed her as an Influential Black of 2022.
On the podcast we chatted about:
-Her experiences in the Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) space.
-What corporations should do in terms of DEI.
-Why companies choose certain people for DEI positions.
-Why we aren't seeing any progress in the DEI space.
And so much more!
You can find Dr. Carey here: https://drcareyyazeed.com
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