The Sage Sayers: Find Love Vs. Fear Playing on LinkedIn


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Most of us waste a sad amount of time worrying about what others think of us when we post to LinkedIn, the social media platform for professionals with 875 million members worldwide. So, how might we have fun and love playing on LinkedIn vs worry about torpedoing our careers?
In this week’s Sage Sayers episode I’m sharing tips and techniques I’ve cultivated in this global social media space—and with surprising results. Almost all of my business has come from LinkedIn; and now I’m at capacity (almost) with 90 coaching clients. (LinkedIn and how I play on LinkedIn replaces my need to outsource any marketing efforts whatsoever.)
You can read my musings on LinkedIn on Medium by clicking here. Connect with me, Coach Debbi McCullough, about your group's communication challenges via my LinkedIn profile and website. Look for my individual and group packaging offerings via the hashtag #bravecommunicators

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