SeaWorld Podcast Episode 15 - SeaWorld Super Fan meet up and an Interview with Sarah McGuire a Dolphin Trainer


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Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year. We are back with episode 15 of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast and we're thrilled to bring you part 2 of our SeaWorld Christmas special, with lots of treats. We have a recap on our Super Fan meet up at SeaWorld Orlando for the 40th anniversary with an interview with Sarah McGuire the Sr Dolphin Trainer at SeaWorld Orlando, news on two more Super Fan meetups for 2014 in San Diego and San Antonio, and we also have two awesome “Why I love SeaWorld” by two incredible Superfans. Also on tap for this episode is a reintroduction of our SeaWorld conservation fun spotlight, and we share the latest breaking news from all 3 SeaWorld Parks.

Also as a special treat, this special Christmas episode of the Unofficial Seaworld Podcast we will play the soundtrack to Shamu Christmas Miracles in the background. So buckle up, let's dive in.

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Have a Whale of a Day!

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