Ep. #153: Enjoying Life is the Real Goal


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Are you waiting until you lose weight to put on a swimsuit?

Go to your high school reunion?

Attend parties or weddings?

Go hiking?

Or do anything else you really want to do?

Why are you holding back?

You’re missing out on the fun!

You only get this one precious life, so what’s the point of not living fully just because your body doesn’t look the way you think it should?

Are you not going to certain places and doing things you enjoy because you’re worried about other people judging your body? Judging how you look? Thinking you’re too fat?

It’s time you started caring less about how you think you look to others, and more about how you feel towards yourself. And one way to start cultivating good feelings about yourself is to stop holding back because you’re afraid about how others might judge you.

Listen to this week’s episode to learn why that approach to life actually prevents you from losing weight, and how to make enjoying life the ultimate goal.

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