EP. #184: 7 Ways to Delay Gratification to Achieve Your Goals


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You’ve decided you’re going to finally do what you need to do to lose those extra pounds. Starting today, you’ve resolved to eat better.

You’re going to eat only when you’re hungry.

You make a yummy salad and bring it to work for lunch.

You vow to eat fewer sweets and exercise for an hour three times a week.

Then you stop in the grocery store, and they are giving away free doughnuts to customers. You had oatmeal for breakfast and aren’t hungry, but you grab a chocolate glazed one and wolf it down while walking to the cash register.

At lunch, your coworkers order some pizza, and you decide to join them. You put your salad in the fridge and think, “I’ll eat it tomorrow.”

At the end of your work day, you decide you’re too tired to stop at the gym.

So much for good intentions!

Can you relate?

Ever since the first humans evolved in Africa, people have done things that are against their better judgment.

It’s not because you’re weak willed.

No doubt you’ve delayed gratification many times in your life.

Stay tuned and learn how you can consistently do it with food, too!

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