EP. 188: How to Effectively Use the Hunger Scale


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When was the last time you felt physically hungry?

Do you eat in response to your body’s hunger signals?

Or do you eat for all kinds of other reasons that have nothing to do with your body’s need for food?

One of the most important tenets of the Weight Loss for Foodies approach is to only eat when you’re physically hungry, and stop eating when you’re lightly full.

The reason this is so important is that when you only feed your body when it’s hungry, and stop eating when you’re lightly full, you give your body the amount of food it needs to be your healthy weight.

Most people don’t pay attention to hunger and fullness, and eat for all kinds of other reasons, like you’re bored, tired, it’s noon, or whatever.

When you eat but aren’t hungry, your body stores that energy as fat. That’s why obesity is in epidemic proportions nowadays.

BUT once you start eating in tune with your hunger signals, miracles happen!

You start dropping extra weight without giving up the foods you love! You feel lighter and have more energy. Food and eating become easier and less stressful.

The tool I use to decide when to start and stop eating is the Hunger Scale, and that’s what I’m talking about in this episode.

TUNE IN to this week’s episode below and learn how totally KEY eating only when you’re hungry is if you want to eat what you love, lose weight and keep it off.

Download your free copy of the hunger scale HERE, and keep it near where you eat.

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