Taking Weight Loss at Your Own Pace


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When you embark on an effort to lose weight, do you start thinking about how much weight you should be losing each week, and how long it will take you to reach your goals?

When I was a dieter, I used to do that. I’d plan out how quickly the weight should come off. If I lose X number of pounds a week, by Y date, I will weigh Z. How exciting and motivating! NOT. It never happened like that. Not once.

In fact, that approach is a sure route to becoming discouraged and quitting. It’s a diet culture mindset. The diet industry tries to hook you into trying the latest fad by promising fast weight loss.

But they don’t tell you that only a tiny percentage of dieters lose weight. And they don’t tell you what happens to the ones that do a year later. Or two years. That’s because almost every one of them will gain the weight back.

When you start a new effort to lose weight, part of the reason you don’t succeed is because you have an idea of how that will turn out. How fast you SHOULD lose weight. But that is a fantasy. You can rarely anticipate what it will really be like.

Tune in and learn why it’s so important to give up on the BS fantasy from the diet industry about how weight loss is supposed to happen, and approach it at your own realistic, sustainable pace. And how to overcome the fears you may encounter along the way.

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