Preparing for Postpartum and the transition to Parenthood with Naomi


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My guest today is Naomi from Queer Nest Club. Naomi uses she and they pronouns, and is Founder and head Doula of Queer Nest, where she coaches and supports Queer and gender-non-conforming folks and entrepreneurs through one of their biggest life transitions— becoming a parent! Through support, advance preparation, self-advocacy, and abundance, she helps you become the parent of your dreams. On today’s episode Naomi and I talk about how we can prepare for the transition to parenthood including building our community of supports, asking for help, and being authentic. We also touched on some really important concepts such as the impact of hetero-normative stereotypes on queer and non-binary parents, exploring our own values and planning for the postpartum period.

You can find Naomi on Instagram at @myqueernest primarily, and @queernestclub
Company Website: , Queer Nest Club website:


3:29 - Planning for the postpartum period, loving ourselves

5:08 - Gender stereotypes influencing our expectations, gender norms, how the queer community is bombarded with these messages

7:48 - Abundance vs scarcity and lack-mode

9:08 - You CAN have it all but you can’t do it all

11:54 - You need support

13:50 - “I’m not good at asking for help” – Let’s ditch that

15:09 - Learning the skill of asking for help and delegating

21:53 - Parenting in line with our values

25:10 - Perinatal mental health

29:35 - Postpartum shift, becoming a parent

31:02 - Living authentically; what does this mean and how do we do it

38:10 - Preparing for the postpartum period and Parenting with a partner

49:00 - Normalizing how hard parenting is

52:50 - You are not born knowing how to parent

54:25 - Figuring out our values

55:14 - What to explore on a postpartum plan – Naomi’s acronym – NEW PARENTS?

1:05:25 - Being authentically us and an authentic parent


You can find Naomi on Instagram at @myqueernest primarily, and @queernestclub
Company Website: , Queer Nest Club website:

You can find us at on Instagram @perinatalwellbeing_ontario or by email

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