EP. #174: How to Turn Off the Diet Culture Food Chatter


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Do you have a voice in your head that says things like:

“I shouldn’t eat that!”

“Stay away from that food! It’s SINFUL!”

“I can’t control myself around that food!”

“I can’t keep that in the house, or I’d eat the whole thing in one sitting.”

“I’m too fat to eat that,” or, “I’ll never lose weight if I eat that”

Do you feel guilty because you ate an ice cream cone or a few cookies?

Over the years that I’ve been coaching people, there’s one thing everyone seems to agree is the best part of the Weight Loss for Foodies method. And believe it or not, it’s not the weight lost!

It’s the liberation from that voice in your head!

When you’re liberated from that voice, you can listen to your body and feed it what it wants and needs. Nothing is forbidden, as long as you’re hungry.

You’re liberated from spending so much of your time and energy trying to decide what to eat, avoiding what you really want to eat but think you shouldn’t, and thinking about what foods you SHOULD be eating that you don’t really care for, but have been deemed healthy by the latest media.

Liberated from researching the latest magic fad diet that will help you effortlessly lose the weight.

The fact is that those voices are a distraction. They’re unproductive. They’re actually destructive and a waste of your time.

AND they suck the life out of you, like a dementor.

Stay tuned and learn why you should liberate yourself from this diet culture thinking and how to do it!

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