EP. #178: 4 Steps for Managing Food Cravings


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Do you often get the urge to eat when you aren’t hungry?

Do you find yourself regularly having cravings for certain foods?

The inability to manage cravings can be the downfall of the best efforts of many who want to lose weight.

But why is it such a problem? And what can you do about it so you don’t routinely overeat and gain weight?

Before you judge yourself too harshly for having cravings, craving food and eating when you’re hungry is a normal human thing.

The problem arises when you regularly have cravings for certain foods when you aren’t hungry, and let the urges be in the driver’s seat.

Tune in to learn the three main causes of cravings AND four things you can do to reduce, manage or eliminate those cravings.

Using these four strategies when you have a craving will help you establish positive eating habits that will allow you to enjoy the foods you love without overeating them.

Check out the free resources on my website to inspire you to make those positive changes.

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